Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sounded Like A Good Idea At The Time

“It sounded like a good idea at the time”?

You just gotta lower your expectations with an opening like that.

You just know it's going to end badly. The conclusion, outcome, ending, the finale ….... not much hope. It's just the specifics that bear telling.

First …...... understand that this too is the fault of Ms. Karen Kimbler. Back to that later.

Nobody wants to read a bunch of boring details, so here are the main points.
- 69 km bike ride advertised on Gringo tree.
- Charity fund raiser type of thing.
- Giving away 2 new mountain bikes at destination.
- Promises to use secondary roads …..... not main roads.
- Does suggest that participants be in good physical condition.
- Destination is a mountain top lake.
- Mountain top lake is a couple valleys over.
 -You know what separates valleys ….... right? (Hint …... really big f*ckin Andes hills.) You see, if there weren't big hills separating the valleys ….... it would be the SAME valley. Anyway a couple valleys over and then UP even more.
- First stop is Turi …... if you live here you understand the joy of that little bike climb.

- Day before: beautiful
- Day after (today) : beautiful again
- Day of the ride :
     Starts out cloudy and overcast.
     Many days start that way and often end up beautiful a couple hours later.
     A couple hours later (and the rest of the day) – RAIN

See below for a pic of secondary roads combined with rain.

Yeah, that is an ambulance on the left.
Yeah, it was for the riders.
Yeah, I saw it used ...... twice.
Once a few miles down this road.
(some gal went to fast downhill on a windy, muddy, slippery road ......what did she expect?)
The other time some old turd (my age) was laying down and being examined.
I didn't look too closely.

Once at the destination, it became obvious that we had all (200 of us) ridden through tar. It was everywhere! How the hell do you ride through tar when you are on mud/rock roads. Someone mentioned that the really rich looking patch of black muddy earth in the road….. oh, I get it.

I wondered if I had a big blob of tar on my face. There was one guy that had a tar smear on the seat of his pants that would have looked like a skid mark if the color was a little different. I guess that was funny.

So, mainly, I was:
splattered with tar,
AND, I did not win a mountain bike.

Okay, so you may be wondering exactly how this is all Karen Kimbler's fault. Frankly, I am wondering myself. (As far as I can tell, she had nothing to do with it.) It must be Dan Maloney's fault. After all, he loaned me his helmet. A helmet was required. (Not everyone was wearing one.  Duh.) Without a helmet, I might not have gone. AND I still have to clean the tar off Dan's stupid helmet. So, yeah …....... this is Dan's fault. Maybe it was partly the Brennie's fault too ….... I wanted to win a mountain bike for her.

Life is Sweet (and muddy and sometimes cold and wet)

PS: This ride was for a good cause.  I will probably go on the next one in about 6 months ...... or maybe I will just mail in a donation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why I Haven't Been Blogging
Why I Am Back At It

Why I Haven't Been Blogging ......

It is that whole Galapagos thing.  
It was so cool.
There was so much more to say/share.
So many cool pictures.
Like the pic of the baby sea lion sniffing my leg.
Actually I didn't get that pic.  The last pic that camera took before going belly up ...... the baby sea lion's nose was just a couple inches before it touched my leg.
The camera hasn't worked since.

Anyway there was so much more to say and show about the Galapagos..........
It started to smell like work .......
So I avoided it!

Why I Am Back At It .........

Well, (like so many other things)  it is Karen Kimbler's fault.  
According to  Randy,  there's a lot of stuff that is Karen's fault.  
But that is a whole different story.

Anyway, yeah, it is Karen's fault.

So ............
About a week ago around 5:00 PM, old Karen calls me.
Randy just got back for the SuperMaxi (grocery store) near their house.
He saw 3 jars of JIF peanut butter there.  
There were only 3 jars ........ one 28 ouncer and two 18 ouncers,
He snagged them for me.

There hasn't been JIF on the shelves since September (2011).
So, I told Karen that I would be right over ..... cash in hand.
But FIRST......... 

There are 2 other SuperMaxis.
Lots of Gringos shop at them.
BUT, very few gringos:
1)  have a car
2)  live anywhere near the SuperMaxi out by the airport.
BUT, we have a car.
I figure that if any store will have more JIF, it is the one by the airport.

SOOOOOOO ........
Brenda joins me and off we go.
Holy Mother of God!!!!!
We hit the jackpot!!!!
They had 8 jars of 28 oz. and 8 of 18 oz.

The Brennie was embarrassed to be seen with me and a cart of 16 jars of JIF.
So, she left the store.
I was pretty proud.
I even got a jar of jam, some milk and imitation ritz crackers.

So, who knows how long JIF is back?
It is uncertain.
So, I have 26 jars in the pantry.
Yeah, the '26' above is not a typo.  I have bought more.

Now I know what our folks felt like in the 50's as they were provisioning their bomb shelters.

Life is Sweet (and Sticky and Gooey),