Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brennie Saves The Day

Today is Wednesday.

Monday I wrote (but did not post) a blog that I titled ‘Guilt and Self Loathing’.  It was about ....... guilt and self loathing.  Because I was riddled with ........ 

Why was I feeling that way?
It was a Monday.  
I was not at work.  
I was sitting on my *ss reading for pleasure.  
I had nothing planned to do that was remotely constructive.  
I was being lazy and self indulgent.  
I was feeling like a parasite.  
The most constructive thing I did was to actually use an ash tray when I smoked a cigar.

Here are a couple excerpts from the ‘Blog That Didn’t Happen’:
“I was raised a ____________ (insert religion that controls and manipulates using guilt ....... yeah, you know the one I’m talkin’ about).”
“I have an overdeveloped work ethic.”

I even identified sloth as one of the seven deadly sins ...... and rightfully so.  I expressed wonder that lust made the same list ......... after all, isn’t it just good clean fun?

I even had a suggestion for those of you out there still going to work every day.  Don’t stop. Don’t retire early. Keep working.  Preserve your self respect.  Ramp it up to 7 days a week.  Keep paying into Social Security till the day you die. (So that when I turn 62 there will be plenty for me.)

Anyway,  how does Brennie save the day?

Does she get on line looking for another trip for us to take?  Yes she does.  But that’s not the cure.
Does she suggest that I can recapture my dignity and self worth by returning to work?  She does.  But I gallantly point out that if I take a job, it would deprive a more deserving person of the opportunity.
Does she tell me to get over it?  That too.  Doesn’t work.
Does she ignore me?  Duh.

So, what does she do?  How does she save the day?
She slips.  
She falls.  
She fractures her little wrist.

My life has purpose again!
Make the coffee.  
Wash the dishes.  
Make the bed?  
Feed the dogs.
Take out the trash.
Make lunch.

I am a parasite no more.  
There is work for me.  
Once again the Brennie has saved the day.

She looks awfully cute with that little cast on her wrist.

Sorry, gotta go. Laundry to put away

Life is sweet again,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Home Again
Culture Shock.

Okey Dokey, now.
When you have been gone from home for 6 weeks, there are some adjustments  upon return.
Personal Safety:  We spent roughly 3 weeks in Spain.  The Spaniards are DILIGENT about following all the traffic laws.  Possibly a lingering after effect of 40 years of Francisco Franco’s authoritarian dictatorship?  Gee, I’ll bet that was jolly.  Anyway ..... personal safety.  Spanish drivers stop for pedestrians.  Always. No exceptions.  Almost to the point of being ridiculous.  It is easy to lose one’s finely tuned Ecuadorian instinct for pedestrian self preservation.  (13 words in that sentence ...... and lots of syllables .... and awkward to boot).  The drivers in Spain lulled us into a false sense of safety. Anyway, must again get used to looking in ALL directions (twice) before crossing the street.  
“Hey honey, where is the ________ kept?”:  We moved into the house 8 weeks before we left for our trip.  During much of that 8 weeks, things were getting moved around until most stuff finally found it’s home base.  Then we left for 6 weeks.  Now I can’t find anything.  Forgotten where many things eventually ended up. This is frustrating and amusing. and a great way to kill time.
Eating:  ‘Eating’ once again means food prep.  Bad enough to eat almost all meals in restaurants in Spain and Morocco.  But to finish it up with two weeks of eating on the cruise!  We arrived home early Monday eve. Between no food in the house and having to prepared (and CLEAN UP), We didn’t eat here for about 24 hours. But that is okay because we were carrying around extra reserves from the cruise.
Our Comfy Bed:  Our bed here is gloriously comfy.  The same cannot be said for some of the beds we were in on the little trip.
Cleaning Up After Ourselves:  It is easy to get used to daily maid service ....... not making the bed ....... dropping towels on the bathroom floor ....... eating, getting up and walking away.  I left  a couple towels on the bathroom floor Monday evening and Brennie has yet to pick them up and replace with clean ones.  I wonder how long she will hold out.
Clean Clothes EVERY Day:  We travelled light through Spain and Morocco.  One piece of carry on luggage each.  So we got used to wearing the same thing for multiple days.  This was easy enough for me, as I tend to wear the same thing a lot.  (Some people think that I wear the same white shirt every day here in Cuenca.  Not true ...... I have 7 or 8 identical white shirts.  I like white shirts and it is such an easy decision.)  However Brennie is back onto the complicated dilemma  of choosing what to wear. Girls are different than guys.  Duh.
Cell Phones:  Gotta admit, it was pretty sweet not having a cell phone for 6 weeks.
Sidewalks:  Back to watching where you step.  Anybody that lives here understands this.
Looking Like Tourists:  Unfortunately, the only place I don’t look like a tourist is Kansas.

Life is sweet,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Can't find the d*mn canaries.

Been on board the ship for a few days ...... Where the Internet access is somewhere between $1 and $8 a MINUTE! But hey, the food is free! That's weird. Food which has to be loaded on board, cooked, served, cleaned up, etc. Is free. Internet which is impossible to hold in your hand, floats around on magical invisible waves, has zero mess etc ...... costs an arm and a leg

At Wifi hotspot in Tenerif now. Must leave soon or drink a 4th espresso. That's kind of weird too, isn't it? Renting Internet access by purchasing caffeine ..... which I believe is a drug.

Canaries or not ..... This place is beautiful.

Life is sweet,