Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

From the softer side...

Best Show in Town!

Last week we went to Sam’s Club to kill time while the house was being shown. Going to Sam’s and eating free samples is our primary source of entertainment here in Topeka, Kansas...(sad but true). Consequently, Clarke was not a happy camper when he learned that a business decision was made recently by Sam’s corporate office to discontinue free samples. He was downright indignant! I told him to look at the bright side. At least he wouldn't get his hand slapped every week by Marge for trying to sneak an extra.

Much to our surprise, free samples were being offered on this day, compliments of Blendtec Total Blender. It was an amazing demonstration 'road show' and we had front row seats. Their little 1560 watt machine did everything from pulverizing grain into flour then transforming it into bread dough, to making ice cream incorporating fresh spinach (tasting is believing!). It even makes hot soup using fresh vegetables. But the best of show were, hands down, their smoothies.

You know how you're supposed to purchase the product they offer free samples for? Guess what we brought home?

Apparently every Starbucks and Juice Stop in the USA uses these machines to whip out their smoothies and frappacinos. I was mesmorized as I thought about about the gastronomical creations this little machine could do with the cheap and abundant fresh fruits, veggies, and coffee in Ecuador! "Captain Carnivore" just wanted to know how I planned to cook a steak in it! Oh, ye of little faith...

So, the free samples at Sam's ended up costing $400. My 'closer' for the purchase was that it's an investment in our health and longivity as we incorporate more raw, unprocessed and 'live' food into our new lives in retirement. Clarke does not necessarily share my enthusiasm for this health kick but he's being a good sport.

The photo above shows off my first creation in the new machine. I'm still on a high from all the nutrients! Best wishes to all until we meet again~

Brenda (and Captain Carnivore)


Sunday, February 21, 2010


Good News: We have put the house back on the market.
Good News: No one has been sick or injured for 2 whole weeks!
Good News: It is absolutely beautiful looking out the window.
Good News: A fresh winter storm is beautiful to look at.
Good News: This might be our last winter storm.
Good News: The "Countdown to Cuenca" on the blog reads 100 days.
Good News: If this isn't our last winter storm, the next one might be.
Good News: I haven't wrecked a car since Christmas.
Good News: The latest round of school budget cuts are not my concern.
Good News: Did our taxes yesterday. Single income = very low taxes.
Good News: Being married to Brennie is always good news.
Good News: I still have the makings for more pigs in a blanket.

Kansas Seven Layer Torte:
  • Alternating layers of freezing rain, ice pellets and snow.
  • Plenty of each.
  • Been going on for about 24 ours now.
  • Can't wait to shovel the driveway. For the last time?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Living high on the hog...

My sweet husband said he was going to make a special Valentines dinner for me. You would think that after 25 years, I would not be surprised with what this guy comes up with. Pigs in a Blanket? I take pride in the fact that I have never made them for our family. However, it was fine dining at it's best, complete with non-alcoholic beer, yellow mustard and plenty of laughs. I sure hope June 1st comes quick before we OD on junk food!

Happy Valentine's day to you all!

Brenda (and Clarke)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

UH OH....

Brenda has the same lung/bronchial/sinus thing that I am starting to get over. It is not contagious....yet I know that somehow it is my fault she has it. I am not clear on how it is my fault....she will explain it to me later.

The meds for this are $15.70 PER PILL. That is not a typo. Almost $16 per pill! So what is the positive side, you might ask? If you get the right doctor, and explain that you have the world's worst health insurance, (you know, the magical policy that never pays for anything), you might get a voucher for the meds. We did! Got over $300 of meds free that our world class insurance company would never pay for. We are probably the reason that the DJIA ("the Dow") has plummeted like 600 points in the last week or so. Our fault. The gods are still laughing.