Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidential Election

Here is a link to a newspaper article about the Brennie and I voting.

The interview was held in Spanish.

The only thing inaccurate is that it is not the first time we have voted here.  
We voted a couple years ago also.
In the newspaper, they had our names correct.  In the online version ..... all the pieces of our names are there ...... but a tad bit scrambled.

The Gringo Voters
Showing our Certificados de Votacion
Once you have your resident visa, you have the right to vote. 
When you vote, you get your certificado de votacion (proof that you voted).
When you do some official things, you must show your certificado de votacion.
From what I can tell, voting is required of all citizens.  (I could be wrong about that .........I often am.

Life is sweet,

PS:  Yeah, we bought a couple issues of the paper.