Monday, October 6, 2014

The Garage Sale, Etc

First, we have met many WONDERFUL people in the process of selling those items we are not taking back to Oregon with us.
To these people ...... a big thank you.

Then there are the things we've heard from the other folk in the last couple weeks:

- Will you deliver it?
- Will you take $2 for it? I can come get it, if you will stay home between noon today an 5:30 tomorrow.
- Will you take less? Pay me to take it?
- Can you send me a list of all the ___________ (fill in blank) it fits?
- May I tell you my whole life story when we meet?
- I would like to share all my political views with you.
- I have a friend coming with me.  He will walk all around your place taking pictures.
- Does this mean your house will be for rent/sale?
- How much did you pay for your house?
- What other things can I have?
- How much for the shirt you are wearing?
- May I walk all around your place looking for other free things.
- I will be out of town for the next six days. Will you bring it by my place next Sunday so I can see it?
- I think that my sister in Baltimore would like that.  Will you ship it to her?

One of my favorites is when the gal asked Brenda if she would sell her the fleece vest that Brennie was wearing.

How about the jackass that shows up drunk and thinks I want to be his new best friend.

In response to the ad Brennie put in Gringo Tree for the sale, she got  few ........ 'please send me a list of everything you are selling w/ prices'.
For a garage sale?
Deleted expletive.

Life is Sweet,


  1. Diane from Astoria, Oregon here. Firstly, welcome back to the PNW! Oregon is hard to stay away from. Will you be blogging after your return? I must say that I hope you will, I have been laughing out loud at your observations from your first blog entries. If you have decided not to continue, you should think about writing a book...I'd pay a buck or two for a good laugh.
    Best to you both!

  2. Clarke, this was a good one. Amazing what some people will do and say. Nice observations. I used to go garage sale shopping drunk. Not fun unless the other guy is drunk too. Sorry we missed the sale and hope you have a great life in Bend. Love you guys. George