Monday, April 28, 2014


Hey Kids,

We all know that marriage is a series of compromises, discussion, give and take, etc.
It is never one sided.
This is not a bad thing.
It's good.
Everyone gets their way .

Caite (daughter) got married last September.
She and Joe bought a house a couple months ago.
Caitie and Joe live in Portland.
Alex (son) lives in Bend.  3-4 hours east of Portland.

- Now Brennie wants to spend more time visiting Oregon.
- Time for discussion.  
- Negotiate. 
- Compromise.

Brennie: I want to spend 3 weeks visiting this summer.
Clarke: I'm thinking 3 days.
B: 3 weeks.
C: 2 days.
B: 3 weeks.
C: I'll need a Harley for when we visit.
B: What color?
C: 4 weeks sounds ok.

Everyone's happy.

Yeah baby!  Compromise!
Alex has seen it.
Caitie and Joe have seen it (in their garage).
I own it. Never laid eyes on it.
Harley Sportster. 1200 Custom.
I had a bike just like it 15 years ago.
It was black.
It was fun.
Brennie had one too.
Fun again.
Fun together.

Okay, so now I am wondering if Brennie is thinking our bike.
Maybe I got out-negotiated?

Life is sweet,

PS:  Sometimes, bring out-negotiated is just fine.

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